Magpie Dunn

Hi ho, Silver!

  Back in the day as a fledgling magpie I wore lots of silver, and now as a full grown magpie I have managed to up my game to lots of gold (very lucky me!) but it must be said that I do still love silver, and not just in jewellery but as a metal from which so much can …

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Amethyst, any time

One of the great features (and there are many to choose from!) about Polly’s jewellery is her use of semi-precious stones.  They’re not always cheap by any means, but they go so perfectly with the yellow metal, and quite a plain stone can be lifted to new heights by 22ct gold.  One stone that ticks all the semi-precious boxes is …

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Luverly lapis

It could be considered a negetive side effect of the pandemic that hardly any gems are arriving in this country at the moment, or it could actually be viewed as a benefit… it means that we’ve been forced to really sort out our stock and find lovely things we’ve forgotten about, and make something with them.  This is exactly how …

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